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Russian ambassador in Bucharest about INF Treaty: Russia has no hostil intentions against Romania


Valery Kuzmin, Russia’s ambassador to Bucharest, declared on Thursday that his country was ready to discuss with the US  about Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty (INF), but would not initiate talks. He assured Romania it would not be the target of hostile actions.

Kuzmin talked, at a press conference, about what Romania can expect from Russia following the statements made when the US decided to withdraw from the Intermediate Nuclear Force Treaty. “The INF treaty was not considered beneficial for Russia. I cannot accept blaming Russia of getting too close to NATO state borders. Nothing will change for the time being”.

The ambassador said that initially that the Americans had stated for a decade that their strategic anti-ballistic system was not directed against Russia. Hostile, unfriendly actions are being prepared but Russia does not have intentions with hostile character, aggressive against Romania. It is a neighbour country and the best way of building relations with neighbours is to offer conditions for good neighbourly relations, the ambassador added.

Kuzmin pointed out he did not have talks with Romanian officials on this topic. “We did not talk with the Americans, not because we are not ready to talk, but we do not see any reactions. We are looking for dialogue but do not initiate it . Every initiative for substantial discussions, to offer information, has been ignored. It depends on the pragmatism and realism of out leaders.”

Valery Kuzmin said the step made by the US was still “in the series of actions meant to pull down the present system of international treatises in the field of disarmament and maintaining strategic stability at world level for the single purpose of preserving their own world domination.”

“The fact that White House and Pentagon strategists declare again their intention to turn our European continent into the main source of tension and the arena of a possible world war is very alarming. We consider this strategy foolish and destructive for the entire mankind,” Kuzmin said.

He added that immediate adequate measures would be taken to ensure Russia’s national security without infringing the provisions of the treaty and the Americans  had “sabotaged”all attempts to resume dialogue.