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Senate elects former liberal Calin Popescu-Tariceanu chairman

Non-affiliated Senator Calin Popescu-Tariceanu (former liberal) on Monday was elected chairman of Romania's Senate, 95 to 60 .

Marius Obreja of the National Liberal Party (PNL) got 45 votes for and 108 against, while Dumitru Oprea of the opposition Democratic Liberal Party (PDL) garnered 15 votes for and 133 against, with four more having been cancelled.

On March 4, PNL national leader Crin Antonescu announced his resignation from the office of Senate chairman, at a plenary session of Parliament.



Calin Constantin Anton Popescu-Tariceanu was born in Bucharest on January 14, 1952.

He is a first-degree graduate of the Water Engineering Faculty of the Bucharest Construction Institute. In 1982 he won a Master of Science after finishing postgraduate courses in informatics and mathematics for research. In 1980-1991, he was an assistant professor at the Water Engineering Faculty of the Bucharest Construction Institute.

In 1976-1977, he worked as an engineer with the National Waters Administration, the Arges branch; in 1977-1979 he worked as an engineer with the Bucharest Industrial Construction Corporation.

In 1990, he founded the first commercial radio station in Romania called Radio Contact, which general manager he was 1992-1996.

1994-1997 and 2001-2003 he was an associate partner of Automotive Trading Services, the local official importer of Citroen, having also been a founding member and chairman of the Association of Romania's Carmakers and Importers (APIA).

He is a shareholder in various companies, including Banca Romana de Dezvoltare (BRD), Banca Transilvania and financial investment companies (SIF).

After December 22, 1989, he got engaged in the reconstruction of the Liberal political movement of the former National Liberal Party (PNL), being instrumental to the revival of the Liberalul and Viitorul publications. He was a member of the PNL secretariat in the period ahead of the May 1990 elections. He was also a member of the group that in July 1990 created the National Liberal Party - Young Wing. In June1992 he resigned from that party to become a member of the New Liberal Party (NPL). Following a unification congress of PNL and NPL in February 1993, he was elected deputy chairman of PNL, an office he held until October 2, 2004, when he was appointed acting chairman. On October 2, 2004, he became co-chair of the Truth and Justice Alliance (D.A.) of PNL and the Democratic Party.

At an extraordinary convention of the PNL Congress on February 4, 2005, hew was elected PNL Chairman, 1,110 to 161. On January 13, 2007 he was reelected for two more years. Out of the total of cast ballots, 1,194 were for an 100 cancelled, without any vote against. On March 20, 2009 he lost the PNL chairmanship to his challenger Crin Antonescu, 546 to 873.

In 2003-2007, he was deputy chairman of the European Liberal Democrat and Reform Party (ELDR).

He won a seat in the Chamber of Deputies representing the western county of Arad in the May 20, 1990 general election. He won reelection in the November 3, 1996 and November 26, 2000 elections running on the PNL tickets of Bucharest City. In 1996-2000, he was a member on the Chamber of Deputies' Committee on Economic Policy, Reform and Privatisation, and deputy chairman of the Chamber's Committee on Budget, Finance and Banks. On November 28, 2004 he won again a seat in the Chamber of Deputies having run on the PNL tickets of Bucharest City, and in the 2004-2008 Legislature he was a member on the Committee on Human Rights, Religious Affairs and National Minorities.

On November 30, 2008, he won another seat having run in the 4th Single-Vote College of Ilfov. In the 2008-2012 Legislature he was the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) MP group in the Chamber of Deputies, a member on the Committee on Foreign Affairs as well as deputy chairman of the Joint Constitutional Revision Board of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

In the December 9, 2012 general election he won a seat in the Senate having run on the tickets of the Social Liberal Union (USL) in the Bucharest 2nd Single-Vote College, 2nd District. He is a member on the Senate's Foreign Affairs Committee and chairman of the Romania-France Parliamentary Friendship Group.

On February 26, 2014, he resigned from PNL and announced he would create a new party, the Liberal Reform Party and he would run for Romania's presidency.

December 12, 1996 - December 5, 1997, he was the minister of industry and commerce in a Cabinet headed by Victor Ciorbea.

On December 22, 2004, he was designated the prime minister by President Traian Basescu and entrusted with forming a new Cabinet. On December 29, 2004, he was sworn in office along with his Cabinet. He was Romania's prime minister until December 22, 2008, when he was replaced by Emil Boc.

He is the author of over 35 scientific works and articles on water supply and water treatment.

He is the father of two children, Calin and Mihai.


Ponta: Tariceanu has necessary experience and political stature to become Senate President


Prime Minister Victor Ponta on Monday said that Calin Popescu-Tariceanu will be the best suited to take over as Senate President and to bring further the objectives of the Social Liberal Union (USL), for he has both the experience and the necessary political stature to become the second person as importance in the Romanian State.

'Our aim is to continue with the USL objectives, to show that we need a joint effort in order to be able to put an end in November to Basescu's regime and build a more developed and more prosperous Romania, as we wanted it to be. Moreover, I believe with all my heart that Mr Tariceanu, and I repeat that he also has the necessary political experience and stature to become the second person as importance in the Romanian State and, if there will be the case, even to replace Mr Basescu, you know that he will do it while being very aware of his acts and with all his dignity,' Ponta said at the Parliament Palace.

Asked if, in his opinion, Tariceanu was the best suited to continue with the USL objectives, Ponta said yes.

'Yes, I believe that he is one of the best suited and one of the men that identify with the idea of the National Liberal Party, but also with the idea of the USL, since he was among those who helped build the USL in the first place ... I remind you that Adrian Nastase and Calin Popescu-Tariceanu were the ones who supported me while I was still part of the opposition, and that they also helped me draft the USL economic programme. He really played a very important part,' Ponta added.

Independent Senator Calin Popescu-Tariceanu on Monday was elected Presient of the Senate, with 95 votes cast in his favour and 60 against.