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Sorin Rosca Stanescu and Sorin Pantis sentenced to jail terms in Rompetrol case


Bucharest Court of Appeal sentenced senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu to two years and four months in prison and former minister Sorin Pantis tio two years and 8 months.The court sentenced Sorin Rosca Stanescu to a year of prison for the use of privileged information and two years for building a group of organized crime.


The final sentence for the liberal senator was for two years and four months in prison.

Former minister of communications Sorin Pantis received a punishment of two years in prison for complicity to manipulating the stock market and two years for building an organized criminal group. In the end the sentence was for two years and 8 months. The court also mentioned the end of the penal trial following Dinu Patriciu’s death.


The decision of Bucharest Court of Appeal is final. DIICOT had requested that the penal trial should be put to an end for former minister Sorin Pantis and senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu because their accusations had been prescribed and Dinu Patriciu was deceased.


In August 2012 Patriciu was acquitted by Bucharest Court in the Rompetrol case where prosecutors had asked the maximum punishment of 20 years in prison for several crimes among which embezzlement, money laundering and manipulation of the stock market.