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Soros Foundation: Romanians have open attitude to foreigners in Romania's territory


The Romanians have an open attitude to the foreigners in Romania's territory and support the measures meant to protect them, according to the Immigration Integration Barometer, launched on Tuesday, which was made by the Soros Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Association for Promotion of Health in 2013 as part of the project titled 'Centre of Research and Documentation in the Field of Integration of Immigrants.'

'We have launched this immigration integration barometer with the aim of presenting the picture, the photograph of the situation of the Romanian society and of its openness to the citizens coming from outside the EU. Although their number [of the foreigners] is not very large at this time, we are aware that, concurrently with the negative effects of the economic crisis diminishing, we shall have a larger number of immigrants, we shall face more numerous foreign citizens in Romania and it is very important that Romania should be prepared and we should not have the unhappy situations we encountered in other European states,' said Victoria Nedelciuc, coordinator of the activity of the Soros Foundation.

Nedelciuc emphasized the fact that the positive reception of immigrants was conditioned by their occupational status (14 percent) and by the knowledge of the Romanian language (14 percent).

According to the barometer, although the existence of a job is an important factor when it comes to the perception of foreigners, their access to the labour market is quite difficult. The reunification of the family, another factor motivating the foreign citizens to settle down and work in Romania, is described as unsatisfactory by the above-mentioned research, because of the terms being delayed.

The immigration integration barometer aimed to identify and examine the practices for the immigrants' integration into the Romanian society, collecting the opinions of all relevant players: immigrants, the host society and responsible authorities.

Nedelciuc said that at present in Romania there were more than 100,000 foreign citizens, of whom about 50,000 came from outside the EU member states, namely residents of third countries, as they are defined by the legislation in force.

The barometer was made on a sample of 1,516 people, representative nationwide, over March-April.