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South Korea and Romania opened an IT research centre in Bucharest


The ministry of science in South Korea and the ministry for informational society in Romania opened, on Wednesday a research centre in Bucharest where many projects will be developed in the next three years.According to the agreement signed between the two ministries, the centre in Bucharest will identify pilot projects in the IT sector which they will develop later, announced the ministry for science, IT&C and Planning of South Korea quoted the agency Yonhap.

Romania and South Korea agreed to ensure one million dollars each for the funding of such projects.

The main domains of interest will be the extension of internet network in broad band, as well as the improvement of the public key infrastructure – PKI) and informational security. ‘We hope that, by the launching of the ITcooperation centre in Romania, the two countries will develop tight cooperation in the sector of technology’ the South-Korean minister said.

The companies in South Korea will be able to look for business opportunities through the centre in Bucharest, to benefit from the rapid development of the IT sector in Romania.Romania can function as a bridge head for the South-Korean companies which will enter the European market, the press release of the institution shows.

The South-Korean ministry notes that they invited the Romanian minister for Informational Society Razvan Cotovelea to a conference on the issue of IT to take place in Busan, South Korea between 20 October- 7 November.

The South-Korean ministry intends to open a similar centre to the Bucharest one in Columbia in November. South Korea has developed, starting with 2003 such projects in Mexico, Chile, Turkey, South Africa, Bulgaria and Vietnam.

The ministry for informational society announced in March last year that Romania was included by the Commission for Communications in South Korea in a consultancy programme for the development of the IT&C sector, through which the Asian state promotes and ensures digital opportunities in partner countries through transfer of knowledge and expertise.

In August 2012, Romania and South Korea signed a memorandum of agreement between the two states in the domain of IT&C.Through the consultancy programme for IT&C development the Korean institutions on the basis of studies on the digital development potential select certain countries to which to transfer knowledge and expertise in the IT domain through the training activities, such as working visits, seminars and conferences.

The programme has two components. The first, consultancy policy in IT&C has as purpose to present experience and expertise in the development of IT&C accumulated by Korea through the spreading to partner countries of the best practices and case studies referring to the area of consultancy under request.

Through the second component, called the consultative group for telecommunications, South Korea sends experts with relevant experience to partner countries for four months, to ensure consultancy on the site on specific aspects connected to the telecommunication policy.