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Stratfor President: Russia uses intelligence services to manipulate political process in Romania

Russia is using its intelligence services in the attempt to manipulate the political process in Romania and sets up economic influence networks so that opposition to Moscow’s actions became costly for Bucharest, according to an analysis made by Stratfor president George Friedman.The US realized that the Russian threat against Ukraine is permanent and anything that happens in Ukraine expands to countries like Romania, he said.


Romania counts for Russia for two reasons. Firstly, Romania borders the Black Sea and the Black Sea represents Russia’s southern maritime access to the world. For that reason it had to overtake Sevastopol while Odessa counts so much. The Russians are aware that they need access to Bosporus strait, controlled by the Turks. Moreover American forces from Romania and Romanian ships from the Black Sea might substantially complicate the Russians’ lives, said George Friedman, in an analysis made after a visit to Romania on May 22.


Following the talks he had in Bucharest, Friedman notes that from the Romanians’ point of view the Russians are expanding their influence in the area, especially in Romania. That is why the Russians are applying traditional methods such as using intelligence services in the attempt to manipulate the political process in Romania, the American analyst notes.


At the same time the Russians are using commercial relations to set up networks of economic influence, so that resistance to their actions became costly for Romania.In his opinion Russia practices “commercial imperialism” by using economic relations especially in the field of energy, in order to influence the political system when its interests are threatened.