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Study: 40% of houses in Romanian need repairs, more than half urgent intervention and 33% sewerage


Of the total of 7,470,000 households, 16% have serious problems, 33.4% do not have their own toilets and 32% do not have bath tubs or showers. 40% of houses need repairs, according to housing banks in Romania in a study about saving-crediting for housing.

Houses and apartments in Romania lack comfort because 46.5% with one or two rooms are overpopulated, 57% being in the urban area.

While in big cities there is a lack of space, in the rural area there is no comfort. 8.5% of houses in the urban area and 34% in the rural area do not have toilets, 32% do not have bathtubs or showers with running water . 16% of houses in Romania re deteriorated, do not have enough light, while environment factors, noise, pollution, promiscuity are present in 3-19% of them”, according to the Association of Banks for Housing in Romania (ABDLR).

An IRSOP opinion poll shows that 68% of Romania’s population do not intend to have housing improvements in the next 5 years. 580,000 families intend to renovate their houses, buy a new house, buy a house in the country, have thermal insulation of the house, repair electric and sanitary installations, install thermal central units or repair roofs.

“Only 13% of people intend to build a house, 11% to repair the resistance structure, 9% to buy land and 8% to expand the present house. Savings represent a third of sources for planned locative financing ,” ABDLR added.



Friday, October 7, 2016