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Study: 70% Romanians think there are too many commercials online


Over two thirds (70%) of Romanians in the urban area consider there are too many commercials online, according to a study made by iSense Solutions company, which shows that 75% of Romanians say that online ads are repetitive, while 59% consider them boring.

According to the study, consumers take attitude against brands when their promotion in the online world becomes very aggressive in the online promotion.

67% of them say they avoid them, while 24% stop buying the product or service, while 20% indicate the mark of bad example.

In 2017 more Romanians declared they would install Adblock programs, against 20% who indicate a bad example.

In 2017, several Romanians declared they had installed and Adblock programmes compared to last year. (32% against 19% in 2016).

At the same time, consumers are more attentive to the content published by a trade mark online in case it is useful for them (75%), it is surprises them (48%) or if it is amusing (34%).

“It is still challenging for brands to find that content which keeps the public’s attention. The consumer exposed to much information online becomes less willing to waste time with messages which do not answer his information or relaxation needs. That is why we recommend that brand promotion strategies should be centred on valuable and relevant content, based on complex target analyses,” said Traian Nastase, iSense Solutions partner.

The study also showed that Romanians cease following a trade mark on Facebook because of the promoted content, which they do not consider useful to them (55%), boring trade marks (31%) or excessive promotion (29%).

In exchange, consumers would like to learn more about a trade mark if data are shared by experts or specialists in the field (70%), trade mark (52%), common people (46%) or celebrities (22%).

About a third of respondents (28%) would like trade mark to answer them in real time, in a few minutes (20%), in a few hours (16%) or the same day (31%).

Moreover, for 8 out of 10 Romanians, quality is the main reason determining them to recommend a product or service from a certain trademark.

For 76% of respondents, recommendation of a person with whom they share the same values would determine them to buy a product or service from a certain company, while 26% of Romanians would buy from a certain trademark based on recommendations.

Best appreciated online brands include eMag, Coca Cola, Facebook, H&M, Telekom and Elefant.ro.

Th study was made online by iSense Solutions for Digital Marketing Forum, on a sample of 1051 respondents, members of ResearchRomania.ro panel.

Data are representative for persons aged between 16-65, from the urban area in Romania. Data were collected in February 2017. Results have a margin of error of +/- 3%, for a confidence level of 95%.