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Study: adults over 45- the biggest consumers of online news


Adults over 45 are the biggest consumers of online news, with a rate of access of 50%, shows the quantitative study ‘ Digital Evolution Connected Consumer Monitor’ made by  Exact Business Solutions in May 2019.

Thus, if the online news is of interest for four out of ten Romanians internet users, aged  between 18-65, the figures change when we look at the category of over 45, with a rate of accession of 50%. Of interest for this category of age is also the general knowledge  information, with access of 6 out of 10 Romanians on a weekly basis. Weekly are also read the articles/materials/pieces of advice connected to health and nutrition. special attention is offered to the topic by those aged between 45-55 (six out of ten) while among the people aged between 56 -65, the interest is lower four out of ten.

‘Analysing the online behaviour of the two categories of adults, internet users (45 – 55 and  56 – 65) there are differences as regards the use of internet banking, food delivery apps or media for spending free time’ states Julien Zidaru, Managing Partner EXACT Business Solutions.
Thus, internet banking is used by 45% ot those belonging to the first category of age, while  the second category of age has a rate of use of only 29%.The adults of 45-55 are those who use mostly food delivery apps – 19% against the adults of 56-65 (8%).

The study shows that the online radio is preferred by adults aged between 45 -55 – 31% versus  26% the national average and 14% in the case of adults of 56-65. In their turn, the blogs are preferred by the internet users of 56 – 65, four out of ten choosing to spend free time by reading blogs (similar figure to the national average) while adults of 45-55 access them  weekly in a percentage of 30%.

The information is part of the fourth wave of the study ‘ Digital ZEvolution Connected Consumer Monitor’ made by Exact Business Solutions in May 2019. The study covered  people aged between 18-65, living in the urban and rural environment and internet users.

The sample was of 1061 interviewees. The questionnaire was managed online.