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Study: Bitcoin transactions accepted by 47 traders in 17 locations in Romania


Romania has 47 traders in 17 localities who accept transactions with bitcoin, most of them being concentrated around the capital city, according to coinmap.org.

Bucharest-Ilfov has 15 retailers who accept bitcoin, and is followed by localities in Constanta, Cluj (4 traders each), Bihor (9), Dolj and Bacau (3 each), Brasov (2), alba, Hunedoara, Sibiu, Prahova, Buzau, Galati and Iasi counties.

According to Forbes, Prague is the European city with most sellers who accept bitcoin transactions (148). Reported to its area, the Czech Republic has a high density of sellers who accept bitcoin.

Buenos Aires hosts the second largest number of traders who accept Bitcoin (141), New York (137), followed by San Francisco (117) and Madrid (101).

Bitcoin transactions are also possible in London (87 traders), Paris (83), Seoul (39), Tokyo (79) or Montreal (71).

Areas with the highest density of traders accepting bitcoin are in Europe, North America and South America.

A bitcoin is now worth 6,445 dollars,  1,805 dollars less than on July 25, when it was quoted at 8,250 dollars, the highest quotation after that by mid May.