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Study: Only 34% of Romanians go to work with pleasure, while 51% of them have taken measures to combat professional burnout

In a society where professional stress is becoming an increasingly urgent and persistent problem, the most recent study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research aimed to find out more about the manifestation of burnout [professional exhaustion] among Romanians.


  • Only 34% of Romanians are happy at their workplace, engaging in activities that bring them feelings of fulfillment.

  • 65% of Romanians have noticed colleagues affected by burnout syndrome.

  • The main sources of stress among employees include heavy workload (42%), salary stagnation (33%), excessive assumption of responsibilities (33%), and interaction with difficult clients (24%).

  • 66% of Romanian employees do not experience feelings of fulfillment at the workplace.


According to the results of the study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research, only a third of Romanians (34%) are happy at their workplace, stating that they engage in activities that fulfill them personally and contribute to an overall sense of well-being.


According to the study data, certain demographic groups experience greater fulfillment in their professional environment, particularly women (37% vs. 31% of men), individuals aged 35-45 (43%), those who have children (43% vs. 27% of those without children), and those with incomes over 5000 RON (39%).

The majority of Romanians (47%) report being satisfied with their job and the level of remuneration they receive, although this satisfaction is not accompanied by a sense of fulfillment.


On the other hand, 19% of Romanians are not satisfied with their current job, considering that they are not paid enough and that the level of stress is high. This attitude towards the workplace is particularly found among those aged between 45-55 years (24%) and those with low incomes, below 3000 RON (33%).

65% of Romanians declare that they have noticed colleagues affected by burnout syndrome in the workplace


On the other hand, half of Romanians (51%) declare that they have undertaken initiatives to minimize the level of stress in the workplace, especially those aged between 18-24 years (58%) and those with high incomes over 5000 RON (57%).

Currently, a significant proportion of 65% of Romanians state that they have observed colleagues affected by burnout syndrome in the workplace, exhibiting symptoms of physical or psychological exhaustion. This phenomenon is more pronounced among representatives of Generation Z, aged between 18-24 years (77%), mature individuals aged 45-55 years (71%), and those with high incomes over 5000 RON (71%).


Moreover, half of Romanians (51%) have stated that they have taken initiatives over time to minimize the level of stress they face in the workplace. This behavior is more commonly found among those aged between 18-24 years (58%) and those with high incomes over 5000 RON (57%).


The study data reveals that workplace burnout is a reality observed by a significant portion of employees in Romania, which requires measures to minimize stress in the workplace. Factors such as gender, age, marital status, and income level significantly influence the perception of fulfillment in the workplace, and understanding these differences is essential for developing human resource management strategies and creating a more motivating work environment for all employees,” stated Marius LuicanCEO of Reveal Marketing Research.


The main methods to combat workplace stress include taking vacations (41%), spending time in the city or shopping sessions (37%), and relaxation by listening to music (29%)

Regarding the main causes of increased stress levels among employees, we observe that these include high workload (42%), salary stagnation (33%), excessive assumption of responsibilities (33%), interaction with difficult clients (24%), or pressure generated by financial crises caused by phenomena such as inflation or recession (19%).


At a closer look, we notice that among individuals aged 35-55, high workload generates a higher level of stress (47%), while salary stagnation is a more commonly cited cause among men (35% vs. 30% for women), and difficult clients are more frequently mentioned by young adults aged 25-34 (30%).


Focusing on the most frequently used solutions by employees to cope with high levels of stress or exhaustion caused by heavy workload, 41% of Romanians take vacation time34% prefer to relax in their free time through activities such as going out in the city or shopping, 29% listen to music to unwind, while 26% choose to take longer and more frequent breaks to create a more pleasant work environment.


22% of respondents believe that changing jobs could be a way to deal with high levels of stress, while 12% mentioned an increase in consumption of substances such as tobacco or alcohol to cope with stress, and 8% have sought the services of a therapist or psychologist.



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Reveal Market Resources, study no. 155: Reveal Market Resources is a data hub of free studies offered to audiences, with the aim of supporting the marketing and communication market in Romania.


Methodology: The Reveal Marketing Research study was conducted online during 24.04 -03.05.2024, on a representative sample of individuals aged 18 and above, internet users, from urban areas. The sample size was 1005 respondents (out of which 895 respondents are currently employed), with a maximum sampling error of +/-3.1% at a 95% confidence level.