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Study: over 50% of the young people in Romania lost their trust and motivation in the emergency state

Over 60% of the young people in Romania got bored at home during the emergency state and 56% of them lost their trust and motivation in their own forces, show the data of the study Insights PulseZ, a national barometre meant to identify the reactions and behaviour of the young people in the period of emergency.

Moreover, according to the study, the brisk interruption of the daily activity led to emotional imbalance for some of them. In total, the study Insights PulseZ identified 19 issues  which the young people faced during the emergency state. More than 50% left the lack of socialisation face-to-face and approximately 35% of them accepted they had fluctuant emotional states and felt tired.

‘Even if technology is part of our life, and young people are used to spending enough time online, the answers they gave to our questions show the lack of interaction which make them lose motivation and trust. Many young people admitted they adapted with difficulty, had sleep problems, felt the lack of physical exercise, and some were not very satisfied with the online school they had to take part in’stated Alin Claudiu Apostu, coordinator Insights.
According to the study, 44% of the young people in Romania spent over eight hours perday online, while only 10% spent less than three hours. 33% learnt for school while the same number opt ed to watch films or online serials. A higher percentage was identified among those who took part in online school, more than 40% opting for such an activity. 
Similarly, one out of four young people chose to spend time on social media platforms or consume content on streaming online channels. Out of the preferred platforms, Instagram was the most popular, with six out of ten young people who consumed or created content. One out of two Romanians preferred to watch YouTube, while approximately one out of four used TikTok showing thus the entrance of the social media platform in Top 5 the most used platforms in Romania by young people between 16 and 24.

The Insights PulseZ study was made by the team Vreau sa fiu Antreprenor ( I want to be an entrepreneur) and Insights in the Romanian Business Leaders with the support of partners D&D Research, Oxygen Communications, Loopaa Marcom, Brandocracy & Wisemetry.

The research was made on a sample of 1,115 youth aged between 16 and 24 and it is representative at national level from the point of view of genre, region and urban-rural area. Besides the information about the emotional state and the activities of the young people in the period of emergency, the study includes information about: behavior online and consumption behaviour for young people during the emergency state, preferrances and attitudes of the young people with regards to consumption, school, entrepreneurship which motivates them and what they want in their personal and professional life.

Vreau sa fiu Antreprenor (VSFA) is a national programme which aims at promoting the thinking and action of entrepreneurs among young people in Romania.

The Insights mission is that of supporting organisations to develop through the potential and creativity of some of the most innovative young people in Romania.

Romania Business Leaders (RBL) is an apolitical organisation, non-governmental and non-profit which offers a platform for action and social involvement for entrepreneurs and company bosses in the private business environment.The RBL projects are initiate d and developed by voluntareering of more than 200 members, entrepreneurs and top executives in Romania