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Study: Romanian clients, dissatisfied with the services in such domains as telecom, tourism, banking or taxis


The clients of Romania are inadequately treated, the quality of the services in the domains of telecom, hotels or taxis being at a minimum level, according to the studies of Mystery Shopping made in the last five years by the specialised company in marketing studies VBS – Business Solution.

Only one out of four potential clients state they are satisfied with the councelling and attention offered by advisers in sales of the big players on the telecom market in Romania. ‘ The clients noticed that the majority of the consultants do not use the politeness pronoun when they speak and approximately 87% did not thank at least once during the discussion’ according to the study Mystery Shopping.

As regards the taxi journeys, in more than 50% of the cases the taxi drivers omitted to ask which the preferred route to the destination and frequently they did not offer the right change. Moreover, the employees of some taxi comapies offer journeys with pre-established price, without using the taxing machine, says the study.

The accommodation units of four and five star on the Romanian sea shore were evaluated in a study of Mystery Shopping and the results showed that in only 40% of the analysed cases the potential clients received a concrete offer according to their wishes.

Only 37.5% of the banking units were interested to offer a personalised offer and almost one third did not consider that it is worth listing the payment schedule or they should mention to the client that it is for his information and that there might be changes depending on the sums included on the documents.