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Study: Romanians satisfied with relations with people close to them and present co-workers

Five out of ten Romanians at national level declare satisfied with their state of mind, while relations with people close to them (family, friends or partners), people they work with are among the main reasons of satisfaction for over 50% of Romania's inhabitants.

The market research company Reveal Marketing Research made public results of a study on satisfaction, carried out among urban and rural respondents in Romania. The survey wants to discover how satisfied Romanians are and what makes them satisfied.


Satisfied with state of mind and relations with loved ones


In June 2021, 50% of Romanians said they were satisfied with their relations with family and friends, while 10% declared dissatisfied with those relations.

Considering socio-demographic categories, relations with family and friends register significant statistic differences according to the marital status, the report shows. Single middle aged people seem to be more satisfied with relations with family and friends (63%), compared with young people with higher education and high incomes (45%).


Young professionals declare very satisfied with partner relationships


While in 2020 satisfaction versus relations with partners, although positive, has a lower level on the background of the Romanians not very good state of mind, since February 2021 it recorded a constant, high level. The highest satisfaction degree towards the relation with a partner is found among young people with higher education and high income (47%), Reveal Marketing Research Report shows.


Most Romanians satisfied with work environment


Satisfaction is found among people with higher education and income (70%) and among young professionals (50%). At the opposite pole , those who declare dissatisfied are traditional families (36%) and single, middle aged people (32%).

It is not surprising that satisfaction about the professional sector is directly proportional with satisfaction versus the other aspects of life: state of mind and social relations – with family, friends and life partner.


The study practically shows that aspects concerning our emotional state and the creation of a frame meant to motivate through intrinsic aspects started counting more and more.


The study was made over February-June on a nationally representative sample. The error margin is +/- 3% and the confidence level 95%. Interviews were made online, based on the panel Reveal Marketing Research.



About Reveal Marketing Research


Reveal Marketing Research is a full service research company specialized in research marketing, sociological studies, customer insight, business strategy and market development. With expertise in over 20 industries, Reveal Marketing Research considers that market research is the basis of correct decisions and brand positioning. Quality and quantity solutions have helped companies in Romania and Europe for 12 years.