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Survey: 16% of the employees say they have already got the vaccine against Covid-19

A percentage of 37.1% of the Romanian employees who took part in a survey made by the recruitment platform BestJobs state they will get a vaccine against Covid-19 while 16.4%say they have already received one of the anti-Covid vaccines.There is another category, of approximately 31% who consider immunisation of the population as a campaign for the benefit of the vaccine producers.


Four out of ten interviewees to the survey BestJobs consider the vaccination against Covid-19 as efficient and sure and think it is the best solution to put an end to the pandemics.Another 15% see it only as a temporary solution to keep the pandemics under control, and for 11% it is a chance that the economy comes back to normal,and the work places to be protected. There is also a category, of approximately 31% who consider immunisation of the population as a campaign for the benefit of the vaccine producers.


The largest part of the interviewees who stated they have no intention to get a vaccine bring as an argument for their decision the lack of access to the vaccine or the difficulty in having access to the vaccine (20%), lack of trust in the efficiency of this measure (16%), fear of secondary effects (14%) or lack of sufficient information about the effects of the vaccine (13%).


Three out of five Romanian employees  consider that the employers should facilitate the vaccination of their own employees in the company, to get a bigger involvement on the part of the companies in the national campaign of vaccination which would lead to the increase of the vaccination rate among the population.


Asked how the employer could help in this sense, most employees mention solutions such as partnership with a local vaccination centre (37%), facilitation of direct discussion between employees who hesitate to get a vaccine and doctors who could answer all questions (24%), increase of the degree of internal information ( notices, emails, newletters, etc.) about the benefits and risks of vaccination among the company personnel (21%) or organisation of a specially designed space for a mobile caravan for the vaccination of the personnel at the workplace (20%).


The survey was made between 15-31 March 2021, on a sample of 902 internet users in Romania.


BestJobs is one of the biggst online recruitment platforms in Romania, where there are over 4.6 million professionals connected to the work market, over 25,000 jobs and thousands of free lancers, recruitment agents, coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other types of specialists.