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Survey : 80% of the Romanians celebrate Christmas with the family this year  


The number of those who celebrate Christmas with their family has increased as compared to 2020, and eight out of ten Romanians will stay at home for the winter celebrations, taking into consideration the fatigue accumulated during the second year of pandemics and the need to be together with the beloved ones, shows a survey recently made by the BestJobs recruitment platform.


The risks to get Covid-19 due to the meeting with the family and the friends for winter holidays are a reason for worry for only 21% of those who answered the survey made by Bestjobs, 30% consider that the risks are minimal as they will take all necessary measures to limit exposure to the virus or they will keep a very restricted circle of participants and 46% have no fear they might get ill.


Even so, more than half of the interviewees will spend the New Year Eve in the family as well, although in the past years this was reserved to parties with friends and only 23% have planned to spend it with friends, in a restricted circle after they make sure they are safe from the covid-19 point of view.


Another 10% have planned to enter the new year 2022 with their partner only, to avoid any risks and 6% say they will be alone the night between the years.


As a result, most interviewees (72%) will stay at home for the New Year’s Eve and 14% will spend the night somewhere else, with relatives or friends. Only 5% planned to spend the night outside their residence place, in the mountains or at the seaside.


As a whole, the budget of most of the interviewees for Christmas gifts and the New Year’s Eve party is at most 500 lei for each. More exactly, 48% of the interviewees have allocated for this Christmas a budget of at most 500 lei, other 18% between 500 and 1,000 lei and 7% over 1,000 lei while the rest did not figure the sums or they do not intend to buy presents.


At most 500 lei the Romanians plan to spend for the New Year’s Eve. 12% will spend between 500 and 1,000 lei and only 4% intend to spend more than 1,000 lei, while 16% do not plan to spend anything.


Expenses for holidays are correlated with the expectations of the employees of getting a bonus or not at the end of the year. Thus, 41% of the interviewees expected to get a bonus a present from the employer, while 27% think they will get nothing. 40% estimate that the bonus will be money or vouchers, 30% expect the value of the bonus or of the presents not to be over 500 lei, while only 13%think the value will surpass this threshold, the survey showed.


The survey was made between 20th November and 10th December on a sample of 1,041 internet users.

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