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Survey: 96.5 percent of Romanians believe in God


Most Romanians are religious, believing in the existence of God, saints, heaven, hell and the afterlife, generally having a participating attitude in terms of religion, according to a poll commissioned by daily 'Adevarul' and conducted by Inscop Research. 

According to the survey issuedon Tuesday, 96.5 percent of Romanians believe in God, 84.4pct believe in saints, 59.6pct believe in the existence of heaven, 57.5pct - in hell and 54.4pct - in the afterlife. 

Also, 83.9pct of the Romanians consider themselves to be religious, 10.3pct - non-religious, whilst 1.1pct say they are convinced atheists. 

According to the survey, 37.8pct of the Romanians declaring themselves religious go to church only on the occasion of major holidays, 25.4pct - once a week (especially on Sunday), 18.9pct - once a month, 10.2pct - once a year or less, 3.4pct say they do not go to church, 2.7pct - several times a week and only 0.9pct say they go to church daily. 

The survey also points out the fact that 45.1pct of the Romanians declaring themselves religious say that religion is very important to them, and for 50.3pct it is important. 

At the same time, 83pct of Romanians say they observe Sundays and religious holidays, 74.6pct cross themselves when passing by a church, 65.6pct say they pray regularly and 60.2pct say they sanctify personal items, their car and home, and 53.6pct of Romanians regularly contribute money to the church (43.2pct do not contribute and 3.2pct do not answer this question). 

The survey also shows that 39.4pct of Romanians turn to priests when in trouble, 34.9pct of them confess regularly, and 29.6pct regularly fast. 

According the same source, 44.8pct of Romanians trust priests, 42.4pct believe in miracles, 31.2pct believe in the evil eye, 25.5pct believe in curses, 23.8pct believe in horoscopes, 15.6 pct believe in aliens and 15.3pct - in witchcraft. 

The poll was conducted from July 9 to 14 2015 on a sample of 1,075 people and is representative for Romania's population aged 18 and over. The maximum acceptable error of the data is ? 3pct, at a confidence level of 95pct.