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Survey: seven out of ten entrepreneurs fear a new closing down of the activity

Seven out of ten entrepreneurs fear that the third wave of the pandemics could block their activity again, show the results of an opinion barometre made by Frames, commissioned by the Association ‘ We protect Romania’ (Protejam Romania), according to which 57% of the entrepreneurs think the effects of the pandemics will be obvious at least until the beginning of 2022. Only 22% think that the economy goes afloat during the second part of this year, while 19%  say  that they do not know what the situation is going to be.


‘Until we talk about economic recovery, 62% of the interviewees  fear that the situation might get worse from the epidemiological point of view and only 15% see the perspectives in an optimistic note. The main worry is connected to new restrictions which could affect the business environment, mentioned by 72% of the interviewees’ the survey shows.


The list of challenges includes, first, the increase of prices, mentioned by 43% of the interviewees, the deepening of the financial blockage (29%),the drop in sales (21%) and payment of duties ( taxes, banking installments, leasing, etc.) mentioned by 19%.


According to the results of the barometre, the business people are worried by the manner in which the Romanians have started to treat the COVID danger. 58% of the interviewees state that, with the vaccine being present,they see a relaxation among the Romanians, fact which risks to lead to a growth of the number of infections.


The barometre ‘ Business environment in the context COVID – Second edition’ was made by the consultancy company Frames, commissioned by the Employers’ Association ‘ Protejam Romania’ betweeen 14-20 January 2021, by online questionnaires, email and phone, on a sample of 230 companies from various domains of activity, from commerce to financial services, HORECA, agriculture, energy, pret-a-porter, IT, etc. The barometre had 1,117 people interviewed.


The profile of the interviewees was represented by entrepreneurs, company managers, middle and top management, 58% men and 42% women, average age – 45.

The Employers’ Association ‘Protejam Romania’ represents an initiative of the companies in the sector of sanitary safety products ( disinfectants, gloves, masks, specific materials, etc.).