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Survey: Six out of ten Romanian employees hope that 2022 will be a better year at work

The majority of the Romanian employees consider 2022 with optimism, after one year when approximately a quarter say they had a good year, while 69% consider that it was worse than the first year of pandemics, from the point of view of personal and professional challenges, show a survey made on the recruitment platform BestJobs.

Only 14%  think the next year will be worse, and a quarter regard it with distrust.

The second pandemic year was, for many, worse than 2020 both professionally and personally, with many challenges and uncertainties which deepened the fatigue accumulated and the anxiety for the future. Only 26% of the Romanian employees consider that 2021 was as a whole a better year. The improvements were seen mostly on a personal level (25%) while it was better at the job for only 17% and only 15% say life was better on both plans as compared to 2020.

For 27%, the most important professional achievement this year was the fact that they learned new abilities and developed as professionals, which offer them more confidence they could continue to develop in their career and will have better opportunities in the job in the years to come. Another 16% consider that in the difficult and uncertain context, the main achievement is they managed to keep their job and have a stable professional situation.

Only 12% say they managed in 2021 to find a better job, while, at the present job, 9% received an increase in salary and only almost 6% were promoted to a better position, shows the BestJobs survey.

In this context, most important lessons of 2021 which the Romanian employees want to tke to the next year are the fact that they have to invest more in their development to improve their situation at the job and at home (22%) and that it is necessary to take more care of their physical health (20%) as well as the emotional one (15%).

At the same time, 16%  feel the need to have a better organisation of their professional life, so that they could separate life at home from life at the job and get more free time, and 11% want to dedicate more time to their relationship with their family and the close ones.

At the job, the priorities of the employees in 2021 are that of evolution in the present position, where they hope to be promoted or to receive a salary increase (42%) or to find a better job which could put to value their experience and abilities and offer more satisfation (33%). For most of those who think of a change of job, work in a smaller company or in a start-up could be an option which could offer them more flexibility and more free time in 2022, according to the BestJobs survey.

The survey was made between 20th November and 10th December on a sample of 1,041 internet users.

BestJobs is one of the biggest online recruitment platforms in Romania, with over 4.6 million professionals connected to the work market, over 30,000 jobs and thousands of freelancers, recruitment agents, coaches, mentors, therapists, lawyers and other types of specialists.