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Tanase (BVB): Regulating capital market creates confidence for investors

The future of a capital market cannot happen in a deregulated area, because regulation creates confidence for investors, Adrian Tanase, the general manager of the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB), told a specialist event.

"I do not think the future of a capital market can happen in a deregulated area. I am a fierce supporter of the regulated area because it has a well-defined purpose: to create confidence for investors. Trust is crucial to develop a capital market. We need to understand the role of this regulation very well and the way it is applied. We need to do this exercise to understand all these articles of the proposed laws and to promote these mechanisms. (...) There also has to be a revision in the BVB Code. We are trying to revise it so as to remove the redundant elements and remain with the substance of these elements and with a system as little bureaucratic as possible," Tanase mentioned.

The Organization of Capital Market Professionals (OPPC) organized on Monday, at the BVB headquarters, the conference on "Specific situations in the activity of listed companies - the relationship with shareholders, privileged information and market manipulation." 

The event supported by the BVB started with the opening of the BVB trading session and later with the launch of the book "The Law on Issuers of Financial Instruments and Market Operations. Comment on Articles", written by lawyer Cristian Dutescu.