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Tax exemption of HORECA companies to extend for 90 more days


HORECA companies in Romania will be exempted from paying the specific tax for an additional 90 days, Ionel Danca, head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, said on Tuesday.

According to him, the government adopted on Tuesday a series of tax and budget measures for granting new incentives for the payment of some taxes and fees, including extending some of them and modifying payment deadlines.

"Under the emergency ordinance initiated by the Ministry of Economy, two important regulations were adopted in the field of HORECA, namely the exemption from the payment of specific tax this field for a period of 90 days which is added to the previous period of 60 days, as the state of emergency lasted, during which time they were also exempted from paying the specific tax (...), " Danca said at a news briefing at the Government House.

The payment of this tax will be extended until October 25, thus postponing the initial July 25 deadline.

Danca added that another measure in favour of the HORECA companies provides for the exemption of business operators that carry out activities on beaches from the payment of one of the instalments of the administration fee.

At the same time, business operators who pay the taxes for the second quarter by July 25 and those who pay the taxes for the third quarter by October 25 will qualify for a bonus of 10% of the tax due.

Danca also said that under the same piece of legislation more changes were made in the deadlines for various payment obligations.