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The ALDE Europe Chairman: Romania must take into serious consideration the recommendations made by the Venice Commission and GRECO regarding the rule of law

The ALDE Europe chairman Hans van Baalen stated in an interview with RFI that Romania should take into consideration the recommendations made by the Venice Commission and GRECO regarding the rule of law.

Asked about the main challenges of Romania during the presidency of the EU Council, the Dutch MEP Hans van Baalen, the chairman of the ALDE Europe stated that Romania ‘ is an important state in the region – Moldova, Ukraine, Russia’ and he hopes ‘ that it will be able to  tackle the matter of security and will be able to work as president of the Union with the United States so that they could have a firm position against Russia and against the Russian aggression in the region’.

‘This I think is very important. Of course, we have current issues, such as Brexit, the situation in Maghreb and the Arab world, the situation connected with commerce with the US. So, there are many issues on the agenda of the Romanian presidency of the EU’ he added.

According to van Baalen. ‘Romania should be an efficient mediator, to bring the 28 the 27 states respectively after Brexit together, to formulate joint positions, this is very important. Secondly, you asked me what Romania should not do. We have Barnier, who negotiates with the British on behalf of the 27 member states of the Union, so Romania should not do this. Romania should do so to make it possible to Barnier and May to get the agreement of the Commons on the agreement of Brexit, otherwise we will have a tough Brexit,  which would be bad for all of us’.

He also said that ‘it is important that GRECO and the Venice Commission be taken into account’ in the context of the criticism brought to Bucuresti by the European Parliament and the European Commission for the amendments brought to the laws of justice.

‘We will have to evaluate in six months how productive the Romanian presidency was. Let us be optimistic and hope that Romania is able to reform the rule of law in a positive way, with the help of the recommendations of the Venice Commission and other forums of the European Council’ he said.

Asked what he recommends  to the colleagues in ALDE Romania as regards the rule of law, he said: ‘ As you know, we had an ALDE Congress in Madrid last year, where we discussed very openly with our colleagues in Alde Romania about the future and the rule of law. I would say that the Commission in Venice  is very important and we follow the way Alde Romania takes into account the recommendations of the Commission and its conditions and I think that we will work in a positive way with Alde Romania in this sense’.