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The Ambassador of Poland: we have to approach calmly the statements regarding Europe at several speeds

The ambassasor of the Republic of Poland to Bucharest Marcin Wilczek stated on Wednesday in Galati in a press conference that, for the moment, the statements regarding Europe at two or several speeds must be approached in a calm way, as Europe will get through a rather stormy period with elections in several states.

‘On the one hand it is hard to think of Europe with two or several speeds as we do not know what it means. Until now, there have been only statements, the concrete architecture has not been known yet. The name of the European Union (EU) as it is presented it is a union, that is why Romania and Poland accessed the union. Within the union there are zones such as the euro zone, where Poland does not belong which forms within the EU separate zones. I think that for the moment we should have a calm approach to these statements, the rules and the regulations haven’t been changed and we will see which the next steps will be as Europe is going to get through stormy period with the elections in certain countries’ Marcin Wilczek said.

The Polish ambassador made a comment on the suspicions regarding the fact that some companies sell in Eastern Europe inferior quality products as compared to those sold in Western Europe.

‘This issue was raised at the latest meeting of the group in Visegrad ( regional cooperation organisation set up in 1991 made up of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia). We have to analyse the issue, the European Commission has already notified with regard to these suspicions and if the suspicions are confirmed then we speak about a phenomenon which we do not agree with’ Marcin Wilczek said.

Asked if the extension of the Visegrad group would be appropriate by the inclusion of Romania, the ambassador said that, according to his opinion, the present composition of the group makes it work optimally. ‘ I think that the Visegrad group through its actions of many years has become a kind of brand. I think that in its composition we have now we act optimally. I think there is no certain topic connected to the extension of the Visegrad group, I think that neither Romania wants that, I think it functions optimally at this moment in the formula it has now’ he said.

The ambassador said that Romania and Poland are strategic partners in the EU and NATO and in the Black Sea there are NATO drills under the command of a Polish ship and with the participation of a Polish ship. The dignitary said that commercial exchanges between Romania and Poland reached almost five billion euro and the Polish investments are 500 million euro.

‘Everything was built on sympathy, friendship and good relations …The Polish government is very strongly involved in the development of the infrastructure between the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Adriatic Sea in the European Union and I am convinced that the development of these directions of communications will allow us to get closer’ Marcin Wilczek said.