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The barometre of minister visibility. In June, premier Florin Citu keeps the first position in the top of visibility

Premier Florin Citu and the ministers of education, work as well as the vicepremier Dan Barna keep the first positions in the top of visibility of the government members in June as well. The ministers of European projects, Cristian Ghinea goes up four positions from position eight in May, as a result of the presentation of the National Plan for Recovery and Resilience and the intense debates on this issue. The minister of research Ciprian Teleman is the last, with under 500 mentions.


The data  in the Barometre of the ministers visibility mean  an analysis made by News.ro and the Agency for monitorisation Klarmedia, on the basis of the monitorisation of the written press and online.


Premier Florin Citu keeps the first position in the top of visibility in June with 42.638 mentions, fewer than in May but at large distance from his colleagues in the government, the peaks being recorded on 3rd, 9th and 29th June when the premier had press conferences after the government meetings where he spoke about the relaxation of some restrictions imposed in the context of the pandemics, pensions, the accumulation of pension and state salary, the new law of the public system of pensions, the disintegration of the Special Section for investigation of crime in justice, the dispute connected to sanitation in the sector 1 of Bucharest.


Second in May was  the minister of Health, replaced by the minister of education, Sorin Cimpeanu from the third position, with 8,992 mentions in the press, most of them on 12th, 16th and 22nd June when, in press conferences, he spoke about the contests for the positions of school managers, the payment  for remedial classes, the anti-bullying action groups in schools.


The USR leader, vicepremier Dan Barna goes up one position, the most mentions being recorded on 2nd, 14th and 24th June, when the PNRR was presented.

The minister of European projects, Cristian Ghinea goes up from position 8 in May to position 4 in the top of visibility of the  members of the government with 8,511 mentions in June, most of them on the days when the PNRR was presented.


The minister of work, Raluca  Turcan keeps position five, with 7,393 mentions, more than in the previous month and the minister of health Ioana Mihaila goes down from position 2 on position 6.


Position 7 is occupied by the minister of environment,  Tanczos Barna with 5.063 mentions, while the minister of transport, Catalin Drula goes up from position 9 to position 8 with 4,684 mentions.


The minister of domestic affairs, Lucian Bode with 4,076 mentions goes down from position 6 to position 9 and the minister of justice, Stelian Ion gets from position 14 to position 10 with 3,212 mentions, especially on the days when the MCV report was published and the information that MCV was kept for Romania was announced.


Vicepremier Kelemen Hunor goes up from position 15 in May to position 11 with over 2,700 mentions, being followed by minister of economy, Claudiu Nasui, with 2,488 mentions, due to the discussion about the memorandum referring to the sale of Romania’s shares with the unit Krivoi Rog in Ukraine.


The minister of agriculture, Adrian Oros keeps position 13 with 2,341 mentions in the press, while the minister of energy, Virgil Popescu goes down two positions against May, position14 with 2,292 mentions.


The other members of the government who have between 1,000 and 2,000 mentions are, in order, Cseke Attila, Bogdan Aurescu who gets to position 16 from position 10, Alexandru Nazare, Nicolae Ciuca.


The last three positions in the top of visibility, with fewer than 1,000 mentions, are occupied by ministers Carol Novak, Bogdan Gheorghiu and the minister of research Ciprian Teleman.