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The  Court of  Accounts: the ministry of environment registered, erroneously, protected areas as being public goods worth 15.66 billion lei

The ministry of environment registered in 2016 erroneously goods worth more than 15.66 billion lei both in accounting and ‘ in the centralised inventory of the goods in the public domain of the state’ although they were protected areas with ‘ different ownership forms’, shows the report of the Court of Accounts for 2016.

At the same time, the conclusions of the Court of Accounts show that, in the accounting of the ministry of environment were expenses for services in December 2016, both for the patrimonial result of 2016 and the execution account were distorted with the sum of 2.150 million lei.

‘ The consolidated financial situation on 31.12.2016 made and reported by the authorising officer, does not show the information regarding the commercial debts and the budgetary debts, in the account ‘ commercial debts and advance payments’ being reported and rights of claims derived from the sources for the  environment fund. This error comes from the accounts of the Administration for the environment fund and by consolidation this was taken without being noticed by the speciality personnel. The value of the budgetary claims erroneously shown in centralised financial situations, under the form of commercial claims, although their characteristics were of budgetary claims is of 3,599,774 thousand lei’ says the Court of Accounts.

The institution says that, between  the data presented in the consolidated accounting balance and those in the trial balance made on 31 December 2016 there is a discrepancy of 1.983 million lei at the level of the stock account as the values in the trial balance are smaller than those in the balance sheet.

According to the Court of Accounts, in the case of the ministry of environment there were seen deficiencies as regards the non-registration in the accounts besides the balance sheet and the non-inclusion in the explanatory documents for financial situation of the bonds created as a result of the notification for the requests made by OMV  Petrom on the basis of the provisions in the Contract for privatisation of SC Petrom SA, operations which could generate significant consequences, financial ones, on the Romanian state.