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The draft including the prescription at three years of the conflict of interests was passed  by the MPs

The Senate adopted on Tuesday the legislative initiative of the PSD deputy Catalin Radulescu which includes that the state of incompatibility and the conflict of interests be prescribed after three  years from the deed. The draft was adopted with 72 votes in favour and 13 against.

The legislative draft  refers to the amendment of  law no.176/2010 regarding the integrity in the execution  of public positions and dignities, to the amendment and completion of law no.144/2007 regarding the setting up,organisation and operation of the National Agency for Integrity (ANI) as well for the amendment and completion of other normative acts.

‘It  refers to an amendment to the prescription regarding the  civil code,to the prescription at three years of the deeds. It is logical and normal. The second matter is that,the conflict of  interests should not be incriminated by the loss of the mandate but by administrative sanction, such as the MPs have. I thought that it is normal logic that there should not be any difference between MPs and mayors and as long as this was accepted legally for the mayors as well it should be administratively sanctioned by fine and soon’ stated  the deputy Catalin Radulescu before adopting the draft by the Senate.

The legislative initiative of the social – democrat ( PSD – ruling party) deputy Catalin Radulescu was adopted by the Senate as a decision-taking forum, as a result  the draft goes for promulgation to president Klaus Iohannis.



Wednesday, July 11, 2018