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The Embassy of France and the French Institute: We follow with attention the evolution at UMF Iasi


The embassy of France to Romania and the French Institute say that they follow with attention the evolutions at the Medicine and Pharmacy University (umf) in Iasi, especially as a result of the recent publication of the new list with foreign students admitted for the first year. According to a press release of the French Embassy, the French Institute in Iasi received the French students and their parents.

The quoted source says that the French authorities were informed ‘ with regard to the difficulties of the French students and other nationalities, as well as about the efforts of the competent national authorities to solve this situation’.

‘The ambassador met several times with the national authorities including the minister of national education and scientific research, Sorin Mihai Cimpeanu. His Highness drew attention to the situation of the serious-minded students who started the academic year and who, at present, as a result of a new evaluation of the their documents found out that their names are no longer on the new list of students. This situation determines misunderstandings even despair among the affected students. The ambassador expressed his support for the process of recovery of the university started by the national authorities and especially by minister Sorin Cimpeanu.

This action is essential to avoid the repetition of the present situation’ states the press release with the specification that such a situation ‘ is dangerous for the reputation of the medial studies in Romania’.

The same source announced that the ambassador of France expressed his support for the Romanian authorities so that they invite the university ‘ to a clear and transparent dialogue with the students’.

The chairman of the Senate of UMF ‘Gr.T.Popa’ in Iasi,Gabriel Dimofte stated on Monday in a press conference that there are students against whom a file will be lodged for the annulment of the right to study at this university.

All the documents of the foreign students admitted this academic year for the programmes in English, French and Romanian on their own at Universitatea Gr.T.Popa have been verified.

According to Dimofte, a part of the94 students who one week ago could not find their names on the lists of UMF Iasi were admitted, others weren’t.

The National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) prosecutors took documents from UMF Iasi on last Thursday, the action being in connection with the registration files of foreign students.