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The European Commission approved the construction in two stages of the infrastructure in Ilfov and Maramures counties

Two projects, one of rehabilitation and modernisation of the infrastructure of water and the sewage system in Ilfov county and another one for the development of the integrated management system of waste in Maramures county, received approval for two phases, according to a press release of the European Commission.

Such projects are the projects which were not finalised during the previous financial exercise and at the request of the member state, the European Commission accepts to be continued during the new financial exercise. Investments in infrastructure projects in Ilfov and Maramures county were started between 2007 – 2013 and will be finalised in the present programming period, according to the data sent by the representative of the European Commission to Romania.

According to the press release, the projects in the Ilfov county is co-financed through the cohesion fund, with approximately 54 million euro. The project implies the extension and rehabilitation of the sources of underground water, water pipes and some units for the treatment of water. At the same time, the project includes the construction and rehabilitation of some water tanks and pomping units. Among the municipalities included we find Pantelimon, Dobroiesti, Bragadiru, Cornetu, Domnesti, Ciorogarla, Branesti and Cernica.

For the project in Maramures county, co-financing on the part of the European Union, through the European Fund for regional development is of almost 14 million euro. The plan includes investment in waste collection, including selective one, as well as the transport, transfer, treatment and storage. The storing sites which do not comply with European standards will be closed down or rehabilitated, the press release says.