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The European Commission: Romania could record average productions for wheat, barley and rape lower by 7-11% lower than in 2016


The average productions per ha in Romania  for wheat, barley and rape will be reduced this year by 7.4%, 11% and 9.2% respectively against 2016 shows in the prognosis of March of the European Commission. The farmers say that the data of the EU government are realist and it is possible that this year Romania faces ‘ a little wheat crisis’.

According to the EC report, this year the yield in the case of wheat will be 3.76 tons per ha in Romania, dropping by 7.4% against 2016 while the average production at the level of the EU is estimated at 5.76 tons per ha for this year.

As regards the average production of barley in Romania, it could get at 3.42 tons per ha in 2017 dropping by 11% against 2016. At the level of the EU, the average production of barley is estimated at 4.89 tons per ha.

In the case of the rape, the European Commission estimates a drop of yields. Thus, in 2017 the Romanian farmers could get an average production of 2.52 tons per ha dropping by 9.2% against 2016.

In the case of corn production, beetroot, potatoes and sunflower – there are estimated growth of the yield per ha of 4.5%, 6%, 9.6% and 5.4% respectively against 2016.

„ We have to take into consideration the climate factors of this year which were not appropriate for the wheat culture. As we should take into consideration the small surfaces prepared last autumn. The unfavourable climate did not allow much work. (…) thus, there will be a small wheat crisis’ stated for News.ro the chairman of the League of the Associations of Agricultural Producers of Romania (LAPAR) Laurentiu Baciu.

Last year, Romania recorded a record for the the surfaces sown with wheat and the wheat production.

The LAPAR chairman considers that the estimates of the European Commission are realist but depending on the weather  conditions of the period to come, these prognoses can change.

Now the production is better, but we don’t know what comes next. In two months we will be able to speak about other figures: some better or some worse’ Baciu said.

The wheat production increased last year by 4% as compared to 2015 up to a record level of 8.28million tons, while the cultivated surface increased slightly up to 2.112 million ha, according to the data published recently by the National Institute for Statistics (INS).

The INS data show that the corn production increased last year by 11.5% as compared to the previous year, surpassing 10 million tons, although the cultivated surface diminished by 4% while the beetroot and vegetables production reduced by 7.2% and 8.1% respectively due to the diminution of the cultivated surfaces.