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The European Parliament encourages five member states, among which Romania to acknowledge Kosovo

EP adopted a draft resolution regarding the process of European integration of Kosovo, through which they encourage the five member states, including Romania which did not acknowledge the independence of the former Serbian province to do this in order to facilitate the normalisation of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

The European legislative encourages the new Kosovo government to continue its European route and says they committed to follow ‘ with determination, including through legislation, a series of priority aspects, such as measures to strengthen the rule of right, the establishment of a model for the judicial system, on the basis of the principles of independence, professionalism and efficiency, as well as the systemic and effective combating of corruption and organised crime at all levels’.

The European Parliament encourages, on the other hand, five member states,Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Slovakia and Spain ‘ to proceed to the acknowledgement of Kosovo’ saying that this ‘ will facilitate the normalisation of the relations between Belgrade and Pristina.

According to the text of the draft resolution, all member states of the EU are invited to ‘do whatever it takes to facilitate the economic contacts and interpersonal contacts, as well as the social and political relations between our citizens and those in Kosovo’.

In 2008, Kosovo proclaimed its independence to Serbia, but Belgrade refuses to acknowledge it.

Five EU member states – Cyprus, Romania, Slovakia and Spain did not acknowledge the independence of Kosovo.

On February 27 2015, the premier of Albania, Edi Rama while on a visit to Bucharest requested Romania to acknowledge the province Kosovo as an independent state, showing that, according to their opinion, the solution to this problem will ensure the regional security and will calm down ‘ certain tendencies and frustrations of neighbouring countries’.

In November 2013, when in Bucharest the Albanian premier showed that he appreciated the attitude of Ponta as regards Kosovo, the former Serbian province which proclaimed its independence in 2008, and said that he expecred that the acknowledgement of the Kosovo state by Romania take place, appreciating that this fact will contribute to the peace and development of the region.