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The exchange rate announced by BNR increased after the resignation of the government by 1.4 bani

The exchange rate for euro announced by the BNR increased on Wednesday by 1.44bani at 4,4462 lei/euro, the highest level of the last almost four months, after the announcement regarding the resignation of the Ponta cabinet put pressure on the national currency on the interbanking market. Euro got stronger on the interbanking market by comparison to the leu in the morning, the market reacting to the perspective of the uncertaintiesl generated by the announcement that the premier resigned.

On Tuesday BNR announced an exchange rate for euro of 4,4318 lei. A higher level than that of Wednesday was the one on 10 July, when the reference was 4,4464 lei/euro. The dollar was on Wednesday 4,0711 lei up by 3,41 bani. At the same time, the CHF was 4,08444 on Tuesday and up to 4,1098.

On the interbanking market, the tradings were made at 4,4463 lei/euro. The exchange rate went up by over one ban after the announcement regarding the resignation, and later it stabilised at the level announced by BNR at mid day.

Before the announcement, the leu was 4,4370 lei/euro and after the announcement increased rapidly up to a maximum of the day of 4,4480 lei/euro.



Thursday, November 5, 2015