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The Federation of Cattle Breeders: the hysteria of aflatoxin, artificially created by the country multinationals

The chairman of the National Federation of Cattle Breeders in Romania, Claudiu Franc stated on Friday that the “hysteria” regarding the aflatoxin “was artificially created”by the multinationals in Romania by “breaking the territory of economic interests”.


We tried to finalise the hysteria and the craziness created by the so-called issue of aflatoxin in Romania. The whole hysteria is artificially created by some multinationals in Romania by overpassing the territory of their economic interests. Three weeks before the scandal, the issue of milk was discussed about in Serbia, where there was also mentioned the fact that Romania had the same problems with contaminated milk. In Serbia there are two multinationals milk processors which are also in Romania”stated Claudiu Franc at the end of a meeting with the minister of Agriculture Daniel Constantin.


The chairman of the National Federation of Cattle Breeders in Romania said that the danger of milk contamination with aflatoxin was insufficiently explained by the authorities, as the aflatoxin was found over the limit accepted by the EU ‘ a person should have consumed ten litres of milk every day for a period of 200 days to have any problems’.


ANSVSA made the results of the investigation for the determination of the content of aflatoxin M1 in the milk and showed that, out of the 1,335 samples, 67 – only 5% were found positive.The samples were taken for a week, starting with 7 March, the analyses were made later.The investigation was started after 4 March when high levels of alfatoxin were found in the unboiled produce at a farm.