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The law ratifying the agreement of the governemts of Romania and the US for cooperation on nuclear-energy projects in Cernavoda was promulgated


President Klaus Iohannis promulgated on Friday the law regarding the ratification of the agreement between the government of Romania and the government of the US regarding the cooperation for the nuclear-energy cooperation in Cernavoda and the  civil nuclear sector in Romania, signed in Bucharest,on 9th December 2020 and Upper Malboro, 4th December.


The agreement will be valid for a period of thirty years and will be extended automatically for periods of five years, if one of the parties requires this. Between 7th and 9th October 2020 in Washington the draft Agreement between the Romanian government and the government of the US regarding cooperation in the domain of development of nuclear-electrical projects in Cernavoda and in the sector  of civil nuclear energy in Romanian, through the retechnologisation of unit 1 and extend the capacity CNE Cernavoda, through the construction of unit3 and4 according to a press release of the ministry of energy. The technology used in the developmentof unit 3 and 4 will be  CANDU6as in the case of unit 3 and 4.

Later, on 9th December 2020, the agreement between the two governments was signed in Bucarest in the presence of the ministry of energy Virgil Popescu, of the interim premier Nicolae Ciuca, Aleshia Duncan, The Energy Department of the US, Kimberly Reed, the chairman of the Bank for Import –Export of the US, and the ambassador of Romania at that moment, Adrian Zuckerman, the quoted source says.


The 10th of March, the government adopted the draft law for the ratification of the agreement between the Romanian executive and that of the US regarding cooperation in connection to the nuclear =energy projects in Cernavoda, and the sector of civil nuclear energy in our country / The legislative initiative was sent to the parliament as an emergency.




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