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The memorandum between Romania and Bulgaria regarding the navigation on the Danube as a success for the Strategy of the Danube


The agreement memorandum between Romania and Bulgaria regarding the navigation on the Danube is among the results to be evaluated in the First |Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube region, which takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday in Regensburg in |Germany, a press release of the EC informs issued on Monday.


At the forum in Bavaria there will be the chancellor Angela Merkel who will have a discourse on Wednesday 28 November and the European commissionaire for regional policy Johannes Hahn as well as the representatives of the 14 countries involved in the strategy, including numerous ministers and state secretaries, as well as personalities in the private sector, of the business regional environment, civil society and the academic environment.


“I am convinced that this strategy has an essential contribution to the competitivity of this region of Europe. The projects record greater progress and have already results. In Regensburg there will be discussions on the ways in which we could have this strategy to be more efficient so that there will be changes with real impact on the lives of people in the whole region of the Danube, both in the present and in the next budgetary period of the EU, the European commissionaire Johannes Hahn quoted in the press release.


The Danube strategy comes with common solutions to the challenge for the 14 countries and which depend on the domains of transport, security, tourism, environment, energy, workforce and economic growth.At the annual forum, the officials in the 14 countries involved in the Danube strategy, will have the balance and will make plans for the future, the EC press release informs.


Launched on 13 April 2011, the EU strategy for the Danube region generates a tighter cooperation between the countries and the regions in the macroregion of the Danube, appreciates the community executive. The purpose of the strategy is to draw investments in the key domains and to create network to reunite both political administrations and entrepreneurs, small enterprises and researchers for the development of cooperation in domains such as security and tourism.


The strategy has already given birth to”major initiatives and projects’among which the agreement memorandum between Romania and Bulgaria regarding navigation on the Danube, the market model for natural gas for the region of the Danube, with encouraging results so that they could be extended to the whole of the EU, the development of the marketing concept “Tourism on the Danube;unique brand” at the level of the macroregion which includes the idea of sustainable transport with boats and hydrobikes and a new cruise fleet which is already under construction, the EU executive says.Another effect of the strategy would be a better enforcement of the law, as the regions collaborate with Europol in projects such as the detection of organised crime and corruption combating in the region of the Danube.


At the same time, there are projects such as the one regarding the flooding risk on the Danube which includes 19 institutions of eight countries, through activities such as the making of maps for floodprone and the protection of the region and the one regarding “innovative ships – the development of sustainable transport on the Danube’ which include technological solutions developed together with the department for research and innovation of the EC. Moreover, the initiative “Danube Business Forum”, the first platform for communication and collaboration for small and medium enterprises of these regions has been implemented including over 300 SMEs.