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The ministry of finances: the necessary for financing at the level of the government this year is almost 86.9 billion lei


The gross necessary for finances at the level of the government this year is almost 86.9  billion ei, determined  by the level of the budgetary deficit, of 3.6% of ( approximately 40.6 billion lei) a? well as the volume of the debt for refinancing in 2020 worth 46.3 billion lei, according to a document published on the ministry of public finances.

Taking into consideration the objective of limitation of the foreign currency risk  as well as the development of the market of state bonds, the budgetary deficit of approximately 55% on the domestic market and 45% on the foreign market respectively. Thus, on the foreign financial markets  they speak about drawing financial resources worth 6 billion euro by issuing Eurobonds, operations of early repayment and partial change of some existing Eurobonds, private placements, depending on the evolution, conditions and opportunities offered by the markets and by loans taken from international financial institutions.

On the domestic market, the ministry of public finances has in mind to issue a volume of state bonds worth approximately 55-57 billion lei, with a structure of maturity for medium and long term, by using the following instruments: treasury bonds, with discount on short term up to one year, including state bonds benchmark type on medium and long term, launched in the previous years and new bonds which will be reopened frequently depending on the demand of the investment mediums, as well as state bonds destined to the population with maturity between one and ten years, with an estimated volume of approximately 10% of the value of state bonds issued on the domestic market ( almost 6 billion lei).

For the first quarter of 2020 the ministry of public finances announces a volume between 13 and 15 billion lei, representing state bonds issues on the domestic market which will be launched on the interbanking market.