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The Nature Road in Hartibaciului Valley promoted at the Romanian Tourism Fair


The Nature Road tourist itinerary in the Hartibaciului Valley, seen as the 'Danube Delta of Transylvania', will be promoted at the Romanian Tourism Fair to open on Thursday in Bucharest for all those who are interested in acquiring new vacation experiences, from cheese tasting directly at the sheepfold to hunting for rare birds to photograph them, Simina Manea, executive manager of the SIbiu County Tourism Association said.

'One of our main products along the Nature Road in Hartibaciului Valley is the 'Mosaic of Birds' Habitats'. Because we intend to focus more on observing the nature. I believe that the Sibiu region has the necessary potential to become like a new Danube Delta in Transylvania, with the Hartibaciului Valley being known for its highest level of biodiversity, which allows the organisation here of photo sessions or nature observation sessions', said Simina Manea.

She also specified that the Hartibaciului Valley in the Sibiu County is a ‘migration corridor, the region being like a true paradise of the birds, many of them endangered species in Europe'.

‘The ponds from Bradeni host more than 20,000 varieties of waders. The grey heron, the great grebe, the red duck and even the summer swan can be seen here. The most important populations of lesser spotted eagles, nests and corncrakes are also living in the shrubs in the area', said Simina Manea.

The tourists are attracted by the beauty of the birds and they even have the option of taking with them a ornithologist guide.

There will be promoted five tourist destinations at the Bucharest Tourism Fair on behalf of the Sibiu County Council:

'On the Cheese Route in Marginimea Sibiului we are proposing a 'Cindrel's Picnic' or ‘Hiking and Tasting Goodies at the Sheepfold'. The Oltului Land can be discovered through programmes such as 'Exercising in the Fagaras Mountains, on the Roof of the Carpathians' or 'The Most Picturesque Alpine Roads in Romania'. The Nature Road in Hartibaciului Valley incites through 'Mosaic of Birds' Habitats' or ‘Transylvanian Brunch' programmes. On the road of fortifications in the Tarnave area, our products are ‘Hike and Bike Between Citadels', ‘Dinner Outside', ‘Esoteric Circuits' or ‘From Tower to Tower on Tarnoave'. In the Secaselor Land the tourists can try ‘Health and Relaxation Cure on the Shore of the Most Salted lakes in Europe' or ‘Photo Tour on the Secase', Simina Manea also said.