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The ‘Revolution’ file: Iliescu contributed to terrorist psychosis; the military shot 12 million bullets

The military prosecutors who drew up the investigation in the file ‘The Revolution’ consider that, starting with 22 December 1989 at the level of the whole country, there was an ample and complex action of diversion and misinformation  which led to the instauration of a psychosis of terrorism, this being the main cause of several losses of human life.

The former president Ion Iliescu is accused by the prosecutors that he contributed directly and personally to the generation and expansion of this terrorist-security psychosis.

The investigators say that the instauration of the terrorist psychosis led to over 1,000 deaths as a result of the chaotic shooting, the military using 12,000 bullets.

The evidence demonstrated that, starting with 18:30 on 22nd December 1989 there was started at the level of the whole country an ample and complex action to misinform and divert, the first in national history. The consequence of this situation was the instauration at the level of the  population of Romania of a psychosis of terrorism, misinformation being the main cause of the numerous losses of human lives, physical injuries, serious deprivation of liberty with the breach of general rules of international law and the destruction of heritage’ the indictment sent to court.
According to the military prosecutors, the whole population of Romania was led during the Revolution, deliberately and professionally to an ample misleading.
‘It is important to remember that during the Revolution, there were used successfully all techniques of misinformation. The demonization  focused on Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, the people around them, as well as those forces willing to defend them, (the SS people, mainly). The division was felt by the creation, starting with 22.12.1989 two apparently opposing forces. On the one hand, there was the people, the army and CFSN and on the other hand the security-terrorist factors loyal to the former president. The terrorist psychosis influenced almost the whole public opinion, this being induced in the area of irrational, the consequences being extremely serious. Through the way misinformation was spread – TVR, radio and the written press, the target of the terrorist psychosis were the civilians as well as the military, on the whole territory of Romania. In this situation, the effects of misinformation were found in numerous  cases of fratricide shooting, the consequence being death, wounding and destruction of goods. It is also to be noticed that the target of the misinformation during December 1989 was fully accomplished taking into consideration that masses were neutralized while the absolute power in the state was concentrated by a political-military minority (the Iliescu group). All important decisions taken starting with 22 December 1989 did not involve the will of the revolutionary masses being taken exclusively by the group of political-military decision of CFSN’ the prosecutors say.

The investigators show that the first victims through shooting appeared in the capital city during 22nd December 1989 after the terrorist psychosis started to be instaured.

‘Through this televised show, in the evening of 22 December 1989, Ion Iliescu contributed directly and personally to the generation and strengthening of the terrorist-security psychosis, by the misinformation of the public opinion through his speech. It was practically a succession of pieces of misinformation, as by misinformation and diversion  terrorist psychosis was induced, the main cause of the multiple deaths and wounds after the 22December 1989’ the prosecutors say.

In another show in TVR of 23 December 1989, Ion Iliescu resumes the issue of terrorists, of fanatic people ‘ who act cruelly shooting in buildings, in people, producing victims among the military’.

‘Fratricide shooting ( which existed both in Bucharest and in the big cities of the country) chaotic shootings, ammunition in large quantities were the direct effect of the terrorist psychosis. The research shows that during the Revolution, the army shot approximately 12,600,000 bullets. At the same time, between 22 and 25 December 1989 there were 52 flights with fighters, 26 with military helicopters, military flight aeroplanes which shot with missiles. From the ground there were launched 53 missiles of different kinds. This huge consumption of ammunition in a period of 6 days shows the profound and general effects of terrorist psychosis which existed during the revolution, as a result of misinformation and diversion. At the same time, such consumption of ammunition proves the intention coming from the leading part of the ministry of defence. The population of Romania was manipulated to think that between the two parties there is a real war. There are witnesses, former military who stated that such a consumption of ammunition is rather specific for a war, with a foreign enemy, clearly defined’ the indictment says.

From the evidence in the file, there is clear that between 16-27 December 1989 there were 1,006 deaths  out of which only 153 until 22 December 1989.

During the same period, there were wounded 2,988 people out of whom 890 until 22 December 1989 and 2,157 after 22 December 1989.

The prosecutors accuse the fact that, around the civil and military targets in Bucharest and in other big cities, there were placed military forces excessively numerous and their presence was made without ensuring efficient communication between the military forces so that, in most cases they did not know about the others and they did not know exactly what their mission was.

Moreover, in Bucharest, there were fighting actions happening at the same time, with 11,032 military, with 166 tanks and 108 TAB although the Romanian Army did not have in 1989 the possibility that their own tanks be involved in the fight with the urban guerilla, the tank military were not trained to fight in the urban surrounding against specially trained bodies for urban diversion , the prosecutors say.