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The Romanian Orthodox Church gets involved in the SARS –Covid-19 vaccination campaign


The Chancellery of the Holy Synod sent on Friday to all eparchies in the country the informative leaflet Vaccination Against COVID-19 in Romania, at the suggestion Col.Dr.Valeriu Gheorghita, the chairman of the national committee for the coordination of the vaccination against SARS-Cov-2.


The Chancelleries sent the document together with the request to put it at the disposal of the clergy and non-clergy ‘ so that they have access in the shortest time to information and clarification offered by specialists, to make an informed decision if they want to get vaccinated’.


The Romanian Patriarchy welcomes the good news of the apparition of the vaccine what could diminish and stop the present pandemics, but the Church cannot have a word in issues of strictly medical order’ sent in a press release Vasile Banescu, the spokesperson of the Romanian Patriarchy.


For the success of the anti-Covid 19 vaccination campaign, it is necessary to get correct information for the population with regards to some aspects, such as the voluntary character, free of charge and safety of the act of vaccination, of the fact that this is a right, not a duty’ the press release says.


The Romanian Orthodox Church will distribute informative materials regarding the local vaccination campaign in its dioceses, the Health Ministry announced. It will distribute a brochure covering information about how the Covid-19 vaccines were developed and how they work, a brief vaccination dictionary, and explanations regarding the technology used in developing the vaccines.


Among the high-ranking representatives of the local Orthodox Church, the archbishop of Arges and Muscel, Calinic, said he would get vaccinated and urged people to look for reliable information sources on the vaccine, referencing the Government’s official website dedicated to the vaccination campaign.


Meanwhile, representatives of the Roman Catholic Church said they encouraged vaccination, Stiri.tvr.ro reported. The brochure on the Covid-19 vaccines was distributed in its archiepiscopates at the beginning of this month. In its turn, the Mufti of the Muslim Cult of Romania sees information as key to a successful vaccination campaign, according to Stiri.tvr.ro.