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The Royal Family celebrates 150 years since the setting up of the Senate


The royal princess Margaret will deliver a speech on Tuesday during the Senate meeting which will celebrate 150 years since the setting up of the superior chamber of the parliament where she is representing King Mihai I.According to a press release of the Royal House the solemn meeting will be attended by HRH Radu and prince Nicolae.

At the same time, the heiress-presumptive Margareta and HRH Radu will offer on Tuesday at19:00 a dinner in honour of the Senate at the Peles Castle. The event will bring together the leadership of the Senate.The students sponsored by the Tinere Talente programme of the Princess Margareta of Romania Foundation will deliver a classical music recital.

The heiress-presumptive Margareta is for the third time in the parliament: on 25 October 2011 she took part in the speech delivered by the king in front of the two chambers reunited of the parliament on the occasion of the age of 90 and on 1 April 2014 she represented the royal family at the solemn meeting of the two reunited chambers of the parliament on the occasion of 10 years since Romania’s accession to the NATO.


Traian Basescu is not invited to solemn session of Senate


Senate Chairman Calin Popescu Tariceanu, stated on Monday that he was mandated to designate the guests for the solemn session of Senate on Tuesday, organized on the occasion of celebrating 150 years of activity, and President Traian Basescu was not invited.

'The Standing Bureau has mandated me to be the one to decide the composition of the guest list and the decision I've announced a week ago is still valid, so nothing has changed (e.n. - President Traian Basescu is not invited)', said Tariceanu at the end of the meeting of the joint Standing Bureaus of the Chamber of Deputies and Senate.

Tariceanu added that to the Tuesday session invited were, among others, former Presidents of Romania, Emil Constantinescu and Ion Iliescu, the Royal House's representative, the former presidents of the Senate since 1990 onward, representatives of the Constitutional Court, the chairman of the Romanian Academy, representatives of the Romanian Orthodox Church, the Prime Minister and members of Government.