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The system of wood monitoring SUMAL 2.0 started working Saturday night to Sunday


The most important integrated information system for the supervision of wooden material, SUMAL 2.0 was operational starting with 0:00 a.m. of Saturday night to Sunday, according to a press release of the Ministry of Environment.

All needed information can be found on: http://www.mmediu.ro/.

Similarly, the Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests benefits from call-centre, phone number 0314337799 in support of the users.

‘The implementation of the new SUMAL discourages illegal wood felling and brings multiple benefits to the whole forestry sector. Besides the significant improvements as regards the tracking of wood,the new informatics system includes an ample process of debureaucratisation of the sector,by the elimination of several registers and documents, as well as the automation of the data flows which until now was made by hand’ explain the representatives of the ministry.

Thus, for the managers of woods -  the state  and private  forestry administrative units (ocol silvic) – the register ‘ Marks’ and that of ‘ marking devices’ were replaced.Starting with 31st January, the managers will use the electronic variant in the new SUMAL.


Starting with SUMAL 2.0 all marking will be made electronically on grounds, and the volumes are calculated and sent automatically. The fact that the new SUMAL has the capacity to discover automatically the possible errors in the data collection, so that the data can be corrected in time.

For the economic operators – transporters and processors there are no transport documents on paper anymore between the legal bodies. SUMAL 2.0 makes this process automatically.All agreements and supplementary documents are made automatically, only digitally; there is no need to lodge a request for agreements with the Forestry Guard. Until now, transporters had to go monthly to the county headquarters of the forestry guards to lodge transport agreements in written form.SUMAL 2.0 makes this process automatically.


If the applicant made a mistake with the email address which he placed for credentials (user name and password), correction is made only by the employees of the forestry guard in the respective sector. Once the user and the password are placed,no alterations may be made as for the user’s data.

A very important fact:when loading the stocks, the users must no finalise the operation before including all stocks.

‘We mention that, when the activity takes place without access to GSM, for the correct functioning of the mobile app – android SUMAL 2.0Avize and SUMAL 2.0 Marcare, the users have the obligation to press the button ‘ Sincronizeaza’  in the area where they benefit  from GSM coverage or Wi-Fi connection’ the officials of the ministry say.

After 31st January 2021, SUMAL 1.0 is available for consultation without nay alterations possible.

SUMAL 1.0 Agent stops its applicability, the economic operators are no longer obliged to report monthly the situation of their stocks. All agreements issued in SUMAL 1. will be received until Saturday, 30th January 2021, 24:00,after this the only variant available is 2.0. Later more APV can be made but not received until the deadline. They will be taken manually in SUMAL 2.0.