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‘ The White Chart of SMEs in Romania 2017’ was launched

The biggest issues of the business environment are unloyal competition, bureaucracy, lack of financing and lack of work force, stated on Friday the chairman of the National Council of Private Small and Medium Entreprises of Romania (CNIPMMR) Florin Jianu, saying that he appreciates that only seven out of ten entreprises get their own money.

‘We have noticed that 2017 bureaucracy dropped second as main issue of the business environment. If in 2016 bureaucracy had a percentage of over 60%, now it is 46%.First is unloyal competition which means black economy, it means that honest entrepreneurs lose in comparison with incorrect entrepreneurs and it means that the state loses most’ stated on  Friday the new chairman of CNIPMMR at the launching of the work ‘ The White Chart of SMEs in Romania 2017’ made in partnership with the ministry for the business environment, commerce and entrepreneurship.

He states that if we have a look at the state budget, collections and expenses, the society as a whole is losing.

‘On the other hand, the perception on the business environment is growing. If  last year, only 13% of the entrepreneurs considered a positive evolution of the business environment, this year 26% of entrepreneurs, so a double growth consider that the business environment has a positive evolution’ Jianu mentions.

But there are still issues, the chairman says.

‘Now only  seven out of ten entreprises get their own finances. Less than 20% of the entrepreneurs are interested in European funds. Only 0.12% of the entrepreneurs signed a contract with European funds, which means extremely little, as Romania benefits from over 22 billion euro of European funds’ Jianu says.

About the fact that very few people  aged over 55 years old get their own business, Jianu says that at present there is no programme to support this age.

‘I think that social structure of Romania does not encourage, after a certain stage, activity among people. People prefer to retire and become inactive. If we look at the programmes for the support of start-ups among old people, in the  US their expertise is very well used’ Jianu says.

He considers that it is necessary both financing and initiative.

The ‘ White Chart of SMEs in Romania’ which this year is at the 15th edition, is the most important research regarding the situation of the SMEs in Romania, the entrepreneurship phenomenon, performances and the SMEs problems being a title of reference of specialty both in Romania and at the level of  the European Union.

Every year, 1,500 entrepreneurs answer the CNIPMMR survey