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The White House rejects the accusations of Russia: the anti-missile system in Romania does not breach the INF Treaty

We are concerned with ensuring that the Russians live up to the commitments that they made in the context of the INF Treaty for a whole host of reasons.  Certainly proliferation -- the proliferation risk associated with these kinds of weapons is part of the wide range of concerns that makes this treaty such an important document,” the spokesperson from the White House Josh Earnest has recently said at press briefing.


What we believe is really important is for both sides to live up to the agreements that have already been signed.  The United States has lived up to our end of the agreement.  We believe that doing so is in the clear national security interest of the United States, it’s in the clear interest of our allies in Western Europe and in the Asia Pacific, and we believe it is in the clear interest of the Russian people for this treaty to remain in effect and for both sides -- and for all sides, all parties to live up to the agreements that they made in the context of this agreement”, he added.


Speaking about Putin’s claim that the U.S. plans to station Aegis missiles in Romania is itself a violation of the treaty, Josh Earnest said: “It is not.  Again, the United States remains committed to abiding by these security agreements that we have signed with Russia.  And again, we do that because it is in the clear national security interest of the United States to live up to the commitments that we have made on the international scene. We can do that in the context of also providing for the national security of our allies in Europe, and we’re going to continue to do that as well.”


The United States have recently accused Russia of having breached the Treaty for Intermediary Nuclear Forces. As a reply, Moscow stated that the allegations lack basis, underlying that the anti-missile systems to be installed in Romania and Poland could be a direct breach of the treaty.


The statements of the American officials according to which Russia breached the INF lack basis, said the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister on Wednesday, quoted by Itar-Tass. ‘The allegations lack basis, similarly to all the allegations made lately by Washington at the address of Moscow’ the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry stated, quoted by Itar-Tass.


We have several disatisfactions against the United States as regards this Treaty. They refer to the missiles with similar technical characteristics to those of missiles with short and long range of action and in connection with the development by the Americans of pilotless military aircraft, which clearly come, according to the Treaty under the category of cruise missiles’ the Russian Foreign Affairs Minister said.