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There will be no Romanian exodus to UK as of January 1, 2014


The general manager of the leading Romanian international passenger transport company ATLASSIB told Agerpres on Tuesday that the number of Romanians traveling by coach to the UK has been in slight increase in 2013, but there will be no exodus as of January 1, 2014.

'From what we have seen, those who intended to leave for the UK have done so. The exodus recorded in 2007, when borders were opened and everyone went where they wanted, will not happen again. There has been freedom of movement, and those who wanted to go to the UK have done so, from Romania or from Italy or Spain. I believe the hysteria created by the British is artificial. There will be no exodus, because the UK borders have not been closed to Romanians so far. Whoever wanted to enter, did so,' said Daniel Micu, ATLASSIB's general manager.

He recalled the fact that the British were the first to allow Romanians to enter the UK based only on their ID cards, with no passport, before Germany, Italy and Spain did so, which meant no exodus then either.'We do not see Romanians sitting at border checkpoints and waiting to rush to the UK,' said ATLASSIB's general manager.

With over half a million Romanians ferried in 2013, ATLASSIB has in its customer portfolio over 40% of the Romanians traveling by coach in the European Union countries. From London to Glasgow, ATLASSIB coaches carry weekly Romanians working abroad, but the UK is not among the preferences of the Romanians who work abroad and travel by bus.

The self-styled international king of Roma community, Dorin Cioaba does not think that the Roma people will invade the UK after January 1, 2014, as well, and is accusing the British of trying to get more EU money for dealing with the Roma-related problems by saying that the UK will see an exodus of Roma people.

'England has requested from the EU the largest Roma-related budget of all European countries, on the pretext that they will be invaded by Roma people. That is just a diversion since the borders have not been closed up to now,' Dorin Cioaba told Agerpres on Monday.

He added that most Roma people who have left left Romania are already settled in Italy and France, and not in the UK.

'There are very few [in the UK]. The authorities there are not like the Italian and French ones. People are conservative there and thus they have left the UK. The vast majority of Roma people are in France and in Italy. Those who wanted to leave are no longer here,' explained Dorin Cioaba.