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Three infrastructure agreements signed for motorways and Subway Line 5


Three infrastructure projects were signed on Sunday at the Victoria Palace, in the presence of PM Viorica Dancila, one of them regarding the design and execution of the 1st segment of the Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway.

The design and execution agreement for the Sibiu-Pitesti Motorway, segment 1 Sibiu-Boita, was signed by the representative of the National Company of Administration of Road Infrastructure SA (CNAIR), Narcis Neaga, and the manager of Porr Construct SRL. 

The second agreement - regarding the design and execution of the 3rd part of the Bucharest City Belt, the southern segment - was signed by Narcis Neaga, the general manager of Aktor SA and the special manager of Euro Construct.

The third agreement, regarding the traffic safety and automation system for Subway Line 5, the Raul Doamnei-Eroilor segment, was signed by the general manager of Metrorex, Dumitru Sodolescu, and the general manager of Alstom Transport SA.

At the respective ceremony, the Minister of Transport, Razvan Cuc, mentioned that all three agreements are very important for the Romanians.

"The first agreement refers to a very important motorway long desired by the Romanians - the Pitesti-Sibiu motorway, Boita-Sibiu segment. Ever since my first term in office as Minister I understood that crossing through the Carpathians is a priority for Romania's economic development. This meaning that the Boita-Sibiu segment is not just another segment of a motorway, which is why, in 2017, the ALDE-PSD (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats and the Social Democratic Party) unblocked and launched the acquisition procedure for the first parts of the Sibiu-Pitesti motorway. The agreement is worth more than 612 million lei, without VAT, the equivalent of 129 million euros, with works to take 48 months, 12 of which will be needed for the design stage and 37 for the execution stage. The second agreement refers to the 3rd segment of the Bucharest City Belt, the southern section. The agreement is worth more than 853 million lei, the equivalent of 180 million euros, without VAT. (...) This segment is part of the southern section of the Bucharest City Belt, which will ensure the connection with the TEN-T network and also make the connection between motorway A1 Pitesti-Bucharest and motorway A2, Bucharest-Constanta," specified Cuc.

He also added that the third agreement, the one regarding Subway Line 5, refers to the traffic safety and automation system, including the safety system to be found on board of the train and the dynamic information system.