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Transilvania Bank: ROBOR will grow,but it will be under the economic  growth rate and the inflation rate

The ROBOR will grow but the level will be under the rate of economic growth rate and the inflation rate,stated on Friday Omer Tetik,CEO Banca Transilvania at the official opening of the trading session dedicated to the first  bonds emission Banca Transilvania listed on BVB.

‘ROBOR will grow,our estimate,but exactly as it has been discussed – at the Bankers Summit,I don’t think there is anything new. In fact we have hardly  discussed about a level of the interest of over the American LIBOR.We have to discuss about real interest, when we compare with inflation,we compare with economic growth and from this point of view we consider the reference  rate goes maybe 3% and ROBOR could go to almost 4%.Today it is under the economic growth rate,under the salary growth. The interest as such is either a result or an instrument used to manage inflation. What we would like most:  to buy bread 10% more expensive but the interest to be 1% or the interest to be 3%so that we could buy goods and facilities at a more decent price, at a lower inflation’ Omer Tetik said.

Similarly, he said that ROBOR the most probable will stay under the rate of economic growth and the inflation rate.

The ROBOR  indicator for three months, responsible for the calculation of  the loans in lei with variable interest continued to grow Thursday on the interbanking market getting to 3.39% per year, from 3.34% per year on Wednesday  say the data of the BNR. On Friday it kept at 3.39%.



Monday, July 9, 2018