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Two Dacian gold coins recovered in Poland

Romania’s National History Museum (MNIR) has enriched its collections with two pure gold Koson type coins recovered in Warsaw and Poznan by Romanian authorities in collaboration with Polish authorities.

The coins were found following an investigation carried out by the Prosecution of Alba Iulia Court of Appeal in the archaeological robbery case in Sarmizegetusa Regia area (Orastie Mountains, Hunedoara county).

The two coins were returned by Polish judicial authorities free of charge, after recovering them from an auction house in Warsaw and from a person in Poznan.

In 2014 two lots of Dacian gold coins issued by king Koson (44-29 AD) were recovered in Italy. King Koson’s coins are the only Dacian coins made of pure gold and carry a legend written with Greek characters. They were issued in the money workshop from Sarmizegetusa Regia. All these extremely rare coins were obtained illegally by people carrying out illegal diggings and coin detections in the area. The coins were then taken out of Romania and sold in the international coin market in Europe and the USA.

In March 2015 three such coins were recovered with the help of Belgian authorities.

By means of those coins more data can be learned from the political history, economic and social life, art and religion of Dacia following Burebista’s death.