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Ukraine Deputy Defence Minister, in Bucharest: We have several reasons for cooperation


Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine for European Integration Ihor Dolhov in Bucharest on Thursday made a brief presentation of the situation on the consultations of the Ukrainian side with the Russian Federation, pointing out, in context, that the Romanian Defence Minister will pay a visit to Kiev next week.

"We are neighbours, we have very good relations and a few common issues to discuss in order to solve them. (...) My presence here, first of all, is motivated by our intention of presenting the current situation related to Russia's aggression against Ukraine and explaining what we do in Ukraine, how we see the future of the political solution to this situation and what is the impact of Russia's aggression for the entire Europe, for Romania, for the Black Sea, for NATO. (...) What we are confronted with in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army in the first place, represents an act of open aggression, an annexation of a part of the Ukrainian territory — Crimea was annexed by Russia — and, also, the presence of Russian military in the eastern part of Ukraine, in Donetsk and Lugansk," Ihor Dolhov told a press conference held at the Ukrainian Embassy in Bucharest.

The Ukrainian official mentioned that the regular consultations with the Russia Federation continue in Minsk.

"In Minsk we continue the regular consultations with the Russian Federation and we shall see. You know the protocols of Minsk, Minsk 1 and Minsk 2, and two weeks ago in Minsk, in a security subgroup, we signed an additional document which provides the establishment of the security zones near the contact line and anti-terrorism cooperation. Unfortunately, this agreement hasn't been implemented because the Russian Federation and the Russian separatists continue to break the ceasefire agreement, so that there isn't a prerequisite condition for enforcing this additional agreement on security," Dolhov maintained.

He underscored, in context, that the visit of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to Romania this year has given a significant thrust to the bilateral relation between the two countries.

"And now, when the Russian Federation continues its aggressive policy, we have a challenge and several reasons for cooperation between our countries, including in the security and defence area," Dolhov underscored.

The Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine mentioned that a second goal of his presence in Romania is related to the visit which the Romanian Defence Minister will pay to Ukraine next week.

Dolhov is paying a visit to Romania these days as guest to Bucharest Forum.



Friday, October 7, 2016