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US, Israel show investment interest in recovery of Romania's irrigation system


The US and Israel are interested in investing in the recovery of the irrigation system of Romania, Romania's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development reported on Thursday in a press statement.

On Wednesday, a delegation made up of officials from the US Embassy in Bucharest and the Israeli Embassy took part in a working meeting at the headquarters of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to discuss investment in the recovery of Romania's irrigation system.

Welcoming the diplomats was Agriculture Minister Petre Daea, with discussions being conducted by State Secretary for Land Improvements Daniel Botanoiu.

"In order to unveil business opportunities in this area to potential investors, officials of the US Embassy suggested the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to hold, in the near future, a roundtable conference to be attended by US and Israeli experts and relevant companies as well as Romanian stakeholders," reads the statement.

The ministry's management agreed on the proposal, with Butanoiu saying that such debates could lead to actual projects, to the development of strategic partnerships that benefit all stakeholders.

Under Romania's National Programme for the Recovery of the Principal Irrigation Infrastructure, 1.015 billion euros are available for projects in 2016-2020, according to the provisions of Law 269/2016, approved under Government Decision 793/2016.

The principal irrigation infrastructure provides watering to about 2 million hectares thanks to 86 viable irrigation works comprising 110 basic pumping stations, 137 re-pumping stations, 2,525 metres of discharge pipes, 1,997,481 metres of conveyance canals, 2,885,073 metres of distribution canals and 4,995 water engineering structures.