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US vice admiral: there is no delay at the Deveselu shield: There all funding sources

Vice admiral James D.Syring, the manager of the Agency for Anti-missile Defence of the US stated, on Wednesday in a meeting with the state secretary Bogdan Aurescu, there is no delay in the operation of the shield in Deveselu, benefitting from the necessary funding sources.


The state secretary for strategic affairs Bogdan Aurescu had, on Wednesday at the headquarters of the ministry of foreign affairs a meeting with the director of the agency for anti-missile defence of theUS, vice-admiral James D.Syring, at the reunion taking part the state secretary for defence policy in the ministry of national defence Valeriu Nicut, informs the ministry of foreign affairs.


During the discussions there were analysed the evolutions of the American system of anti-missile defence in Romania, in the implementation of the Agreement between Romania and the US regarding the placement of the defence system against missiles of the US in Romania 0f 2011.


According to the quoted source, Bogdan Aurescu and Valeriu Nicut evaluated, together with the manager of the Agency for Anti-missile Defence, the progress in the negotiation and the signing of the Arrangement for Implementation of the bilateral agreement regarding the placement on the Romanian territory of the anti-missile defence system of the US. Thus, from 14 implementation arrangements, 11 were signed between 2012 and 2013 and other two are prepared to be signed in the period to come. At present, there is still to be finalised only one arrangement for implementation.


Vice-admiral Syring restated the firm commitment of the US for the implementation of the Anti-missile Facility in the Deveselu Military Base, in 2015, ‘ essential contribution’ for the NATO system of defence against missiles. At the same time, he presented the successful test involving elements of the anti-missile defence system Aegis Ashore. Made by the Agency for Anti-missile Defence and the Naval Forces of the US, the test – made with an interceptor type SM3 Block IB which is to be installed at the Deveselu Base – confirmed the functionality of the AegisAshore system, as well as the development within normal parametres of the European Phased Adaptive Approach/EPAA,says the ministry of foreign affairs.

At the same time, James D.Syring underlined the fact that there is no delay in reaching this objective, which benefits from the necessary funding.


During the discussions, Bogdan Aurescu restated the interest of the Romanian party that Romanian companies be involved in the acquisitions at the Deveselu Base.

The three officials stated they continue the dialogue on the issue of the development of the anti-missile defence system of the US in Romania and analyse its implementation at regular times.