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Varujan Vosganian: the strategic assets must remain in the administration of the state


The minister of economy, Varujan Vosganian says that it was proved that the economic sector owned by the state is generator of corruption, of ‘clientele’, the distortion of the competition, heritage distruction, and the distruction of the credibility of the period of after 1990 as compared to the previous one.’ He stated, on Saturday, in a press release, that the state has to keep the assets of the objectives of national interest, as well as the ones in the area of the national security sector or in national heritage.

For the rest, we have to privatise as soon and as much as possible’ Varujan Vosganian said.
‘ The state economic sector must be vitalised as much as possible. It is hard to suppose that Portile de Fier or the Vidraru lake or the Bicaz late could be part of the assets of a private company. As well as the reactors in Cernavoda or other sectors of the energy industry which, according to regulations of the EU and according to security criteria must be in the administration of the state. It is about gas and electricity transport, Transgaz and Transelectrica, it is about the nucleus of security in the domain of national security, the minimum of endowment that any country has to have in case of danger. These should be in the national assets. In the rest, it was proved that the state economic sector is generator of corruption, clientelism, competition distortion, assets distruction and decredibility of the period following 1990 by comparison to the previous one. Surely, the only way through which we could clean this area is to privatise, to make it sustainable and give the people who work there the chance to keep their work places’ Varujan Vosganian said.